My name is Courtney Foreman Franko, and I started embroidering as a creative outlet. 

Much to the surprise of all my friends- Ceramics was my artistic medium throughout high school and college. Although, most of my time was spent with friends, family and playing all the sports!

As a Trauma ICU Nurse by day, I have walked with many families as their worst nightmares unfolded before their eyes. I have learned to truly savor the blessings given to us in life. I have witnessed and personally experienced God's handiwork in the darkest of moments. 

With a love of working with my hands, creating, style + design, science, fashion (I am a Fort Worth woman of course, this is a must!), a deep love of others and celebrating life's most precious moments...I was inspired to get to know graphic design, monograming, embroidery, sewing machines... and viola! Crestline Creations was born! 

My husband, 2 sons (we were crazy had 2 under two!) and I, live in Fort Worth, Texas! I love gardening, the wine country, my sons' giggles, time with my girlfriends, bookclub and my time spent with God. 

What do you like? What is special to you? What do you never want to forget? I am fortunate to bring so many unique and abstract ideas of my customers to life! The true heart of art. From family heirlooms, Newborn firsts, to party gifts, puppy prints and so much more! 

It would be an honor to work with you. We are so glad you are here and please reach out with any questions or just to say hello!